Vladimír Brunton

Vladimír Brunton


In the world of photo art, Vladimír Brunton belongs to elite society despite the fact he started to take photographs at the age of 35. He was inspirited by his grandfather who was photographer and left behind a lot of material which Vladimír could use for his experiments.

He takes photographs almost exclusively in the old way by a large format box camera 8 x 10 TOYO or 4 x 5 LINHOFF with a black and white film. Then he exposes the material to the process used in the classical black and white photography. As time passed, Vladimír Brunton has created his own photographic style, which is unique due to positive development technique, where he uses self-made silver gelatine on peculiarly prepared canvas or Japanese handmade paper surface. Finally, wet canvas or Japanese paper is stretched on a frame.


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