Petra  McGrath

Petra McGrath

Petra McGrath (1972) is a painter and designer who lives

alternately in Prague and Sydney. In her mature work and
her interpretations there is an extraordinary but distinct
harmonious balance of will to purposeful intent, along with
sovereign spontaneity and improvisation. This symbiosis is
a key character in the individuality and energy of her paintings.
Petra's sources of personal inspiration are mainly her
attention and visual sensitivity to the environment, light,
colors, distinctions and common denominators of both
cultures of Europe and Australia. They are also a testament to
the artist's extraordinary receptiveness, which amplifies her
healthy sovereignty of her work in the context of distinguishing
between the two cultures, nature and their color range. The
vibrating color scheme is, above all, a source of timeless joy,
energy and free personal interpretations in the abstract part
of her work.
Petra's paintings are a unique example of sovereign
harmonic combinations of figurative elements within color
abstractions with hints of spatial perception and original
compositions. These figurative images are an example of
the healthy symbolism of human existence, again colorfully
and compositionally confidently and purposefully mastered
in understanding and joy, often playful to humorous personal
interaction. Even the names of the paintings – Synchronicity,
Chance, I am, Fusion, Good Year, Reborn testify to
the distinctive and perfectly communicated imagination
of the author.
Petra's work is unique in its deep understanding of the human
deal, environment, joy, nature and its personal artistic, visual
interpretation of the present in harmony and understanding
with its hidden and shared references to certain traditions
of our cultures, which are a valuable example of the artistic
and intellectual intelligence of the author in her work.
Ing. arch. Otto Dvořák AIA, collector