Homage to Maria Callas

Homage to Maria Callas

 "We are the two most famous Greeks in the world, you know that?" Maria Callas lowered her deep, dark eyes, smiled softly, and said, "And what made you famous, Mr. Onassis? "

On the boards that signify the world, Maria Callas, a Greek femme fatale confident, was shy in seclusion like a doe you would see in a dreamy forest for a rare moment. This is how the world-famous story of eternal love begins, which can still be betrayed. Maria, Aristotle and former wife of US President Kennedy, Jackie.
Maria Callas, a complex but spirited personality with the beauty and sophistication of her persona and especially her vocal expression with a large range and coloratura, entered the history of the most famous opera singers of the 20th century.
The artists of the La Femme Gallery, in collaboration with the Czech opera singer Dagmar Pecková, who addressed the Gallery, created Greek opera wonders in honor of the Gallery. The exhibition took place during the Zlatá Pecka music festival in Chrudim and later in the La Femme Gallery, with artists such as Boris Jirků, Tomáš Hřivnáč, Jiří Mocek, Pavel Holeka, Mirka Mádrová, Radovan Pauch, Michal Halva and Jitka Kopejtková doing this wonderful homework. , Roman Brichcín, Zdenek Janda, Pavel Piekar, Miroslav Pošvic and others.
The colors and lines are a visible imprint of Callas' voice, when they were carried away by the waves of music while listening to the arias of the goddess Aphrodite, whose embodiment Maria undoubtedly was. Each of her renditions captures the moment of life and the intense feelings that the whole world experienced with Maria as she sang. A sea of ​​emotions - a sea that Callas loved so much…
 “Beautiful Wonderful Essences” (θαυμαστὸν τὴν φύσιν καλόν), 210 e 4-5
Plato, Symposion