Inspired by the film, 2022

Inspired by the film, 2022

In the film crew of Galerie La Femme, the idea was born, the script was written and the first flap fell. Many gallery artists took on the homework of Inspired by Film. Let us here quote Riccotto Canudo, the film theorist for whom cinema was "plastic art in motion" and who called film "the sixth art". Film and art are really close to each other. So the apple didn't fall far from the tree, and the artists of Galerie La Femme grabbed it with due inspiration and went for it with gusto.
The homework Inspired by Film is a tribute to cinema, actors and art. The exhibition will be thrilling and you, dear friends, will taste the emotions. The joy that will accompany the exuberant laughter, the suspense and adventure and finally the more than good Czechoslovakian humour, which is often bittersweet but will leave a deep imprint and memories in your souls.
Get off the chandelier at home and dress well so you don't get blown away by the North Wind when you visit us. And remember, your health, Gallery and beer will fix and mend.
Played by R. Brichcin, B. Jirků, J. Blecha, J. Tichý, M. Pošvic, M. Jiránek, R. Brančovský, I. Piačka, R. Pauch. B. Olmrová, J. Slíva, M. Mádrová, T. Bím, J. Velčovský, M. Komáček, R. Augustin, P. Samlík, M. Halva, J. Rameš, K. Mášová, M. Hencl, L. Vlna, J. Čutek, J. Mžyk, D. Vávra, M. Ban, M. Lipi and others.
Sound: musical friends
Special effects: Les Femmes
Directed by Miroslav Lipina

Moovie insppiration - photos from opening