Quarantine pictures - Special Homework for  Amateurs

Quarantine pictures - Special Homework for Amateurs

 During the quarantine period in spring 2020, we came up with a project for all members of the public who are trying to paint or draw at home. As part of our traditional Homework project, we have announced a program for individuals, a special online exhibition of paintings, drawings, and sculptures created at this time.

The gallery wanted to support those who wanted to start doing something new, and we also decided to give new talents a chance. To help you realize yourself in the field of art, which in many ways also supports therapeutically and brings peace. Even ordinary drawing for joy can relieve stress, improve concentration and lead to relaxation. At home we can paint just for fun. Therefore, it was important for us to motivate at least that the works are exhibited on the website of Galerie La Femme in addition to paintings by renowned artists.