Zodiac Stories, 2023

Number lovers rejoice! 
For the thirtieth time, visitors can see the unique creations of our artists, which were created according to our specifications. This year's is the Sign of the Zodiac.
And to make matters more exciting in the world of mathematics, with the 30th anniversary exhibition we will also celebrate 20 years since our first Homework. Over the past 2 decades, artists have tackled a number of challenges and themes such as: Homage to a Photograph, The First Republic, La Dolce Vita, Inspired by Film and Still Life. 
Now, however, the artists have turned to themselves and, as always, in their own way, have created a work representing their own zodiac sign. But don't expect simple representations of symbols and outlines of animals or figures. Each creation has its own message, its own story. Find out what it is when you arrive at La Femme Gallery from 3.5 to 30.6 2023!
You can enjoy works by Bohumil Eliáš, Josef Velčovský, Radovan Pauch, Kateřina Mášová, Igor Piačka, Pavel Samlík, Milan Hencl and many others!