Czech Art in Canada, Canadian Art in Czech Republic, 2004

After the first successful project in Brazil, Galerie La Femme held its second journey across the ocean. International art project, held with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Prague, Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague, the Czech Republic Consulate in Montreal, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. This event has a patronage of Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic capital of Prague, was initiated grand opening at the Intercontinental Hotel Prague in the spring of 2004.
The exhibition in Prague was opened in Intercontinental by the Canadian ambassador in Prague, JE Bruce Jutzi, along with Dr. Zdenek Lycke (MFA), Peter Formanek (Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic), Pavel Hlinka (Hotel Intercontinental Praha), Miroslav Lipina and Fred Korn, Canadian gallerist, Ms. Maya Lukas, Susanne Havelková, JUDr. Peter VYROUBAL and Jitka Grígerova.
The project continued with exhibitions in the Canadian town of Sutton and Monteral.

In the beautiful building of the Consulate General in Montreal was opened an exhibition by a Czech ambassador in Canada Vladimír Kotzy, together with a General Consul of the Czech Republic JUDr. Viera Jarešová.
All the openings of the project were sweetened by beautiful singing of Radka Fišarová.
The project involves these artists: Boris Jirků, Antonín Sládek, Milan Chabera, Pnina Granirer, Teena Tarantour Goldberg, Lucille Marcotte and Mira Reiss-Arnaud from Montreal.
Mutual exchange and confrontation of Czech artists with the Canadian founded in the autumn of 2004, at the end of the project, an exhibition at the Old Town Hall in Prague.
The purpose of the project was to make a creative meeting of artists of both countries, the implementation of jexhibitions, and establishing long-term artistic collaboration. 

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